About the Author

About the author

My name is Paul Salmon, and I am the author of Skyrim Travels. I have enjoyed playing Skyrim for over a year now after pre-purchasing it about a month before it was released. Since that time I have been thinking about starting my own online journal that follows the adventures of some of the characters that I play.

Why I Enjoy the Elder Scrolls Games

My journey into the world of the Elders Scrolls started back in 2002 with Morrowind, and since that time I have also played Oblivion and now Skyrim. I have put in a countless number of hours into the three games, and have enjoyed playing each one immensely.

The main reason I enjoy the Elder Scrolls games, and the reason I purchased Morrowind, was the open-ended style of the games. I was bored of RPG games that followed a linear storyline, where you went from one place to another in a scripted environment. I wanted a game where I could do what I wanted, whenever I wanted. This may include never playing through the main quest. The Elder Scrolls games have allowed me to do just that.

While I have tried many different types of characters, there are two that I always seem to go back to playing: a thief/assassin and a paladin. Those two types of characters couldn’t be farther apart in terms of their actions, personality, and skills. Perhaps that is why I like playing them – two completely styles of play to explore the land of Tamriel.

What Hope to Accomplish With this Website

Whenever I play any Elder Scrolls games I always try to imagine I am the character on my screen. I try to think about what my character will do in specific situations, and act in a specific manner. While I am not a true, dedicated role-player, I do try to add as much realism to the game as I am comfortable with adding.

I have always enjoyed reading the online journals of other players, and have always wanted to created one myself. After playing Skyrim for almost a year, I decided it would be fun to create my own journals for others to read. I may not be the most creative person, but I will try to keep the journals as entertaining as I can.

In being creative, however, there may be times where I will write about events that either didn’t take place in the game, or events that are not in order. For example, since I won’t be following the main quest line exactly, I will need to ad-lib moments to provide continuity or flow to the story. I won’t however, create stories that are completely made up as I will be creating the stories as I play the game.

In addition to the journal entries, I will also be writing about other topics regarding Skyrim that comes to mind. As I tend to write lengthy chapters in my journals, I am hoping these additional articles will provide more content while you are waiting for the next chapter.

I hope you enjoy reading this website as much as I have enjoyed creating it.