Skyrim Mods I Use

As many can tell I use several mods when I record my journals. I have been asked which mods I have used, so I have listed them in the table below.

Fixes and Patches

Mod Description
Unofficial Skyrim Patch Fixes many of the bugs that aren’t fixed in any of the official patches from Bethesda.
Unofficial High Resolution Patch The High Resolution DLC caused bugs, and this mod contains many of the fixes for those bugs.

Audio, Sounds, and Music

Mod Description
Sounds of Skyrim – The Dungeons Adds about 115+ sounds to dungeons that really brings them to life. Players will hear the sounds of any inhabits of the dungeons, as well as sounds from the weather outside if the player is near the entrance.
Sounds of Skyrim – The Wilds This mod focuses on adding sounds to the wilderness of Skyrim. The 115 new sounds add various animal, birds, and insects to the life outside of the cities and dungeons. The time of day, weather, and region all play a part in the sounds that you hear.
The Sounds of Nature – Fire Provides more realistic sounds of fire. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate the mod, but when I do, I will link to it here.
The Sounds of Nature – Water Provides more realistic sounds of water. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate the mod, but when I do, I will link to it here.

User Interfaces

Mod Description
SkyUI The aim of this mod is to improve Skyrim’s user interface so it is easier to use with a mouse and keyboard. This user interface also provides less wasted screen space and is much nicer to look at.
A Quality World Map This mod changes the world map by including better textures and detailed roads, which results in a much better looking, and easier to read, world map.
High Quality 3D Map This mod replaced the LOD files that are responsible for the 3D map, and also includes higher resolution textures.

Models and Textures

Mod Description
XCE – Xenius Character Enhancement This is an overall texture mod that enhances the look of the character. Improvements such as more skin detail, removal of angular shapes, better hands and feet, and removal of model seams really add realism to characters.
Beauty Faces for Females Removes many of the blociy, lifeless, vanilla textures with better, higher resolution textures.
AOF Believable Hair This mod provides a new hair texture for most female and male hair models.
Static Mesh Improvement Mod While Skyrim does look good, there are many ugly 3D models that make up the game world. This mod will correct many of those ugly models and greatly improve the look of the game.
Ruins Clutter Improved This is a retexturing project that replaces many of the ugliest objects that are found in the dungeons of Skyrim. By replacing the objects, the visual experience when exploring the dungeons is greatly enhanced.
W.A.T.E.R. – Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux This mod enhances the water of Skyrim with all new textures, meshes, effects and new content. Higher resolution textures and enhancements to anything related to water will make Skyrim look much better.
Improved NPC Clothing This mod will replace the textures for clothing with much higher resolution textures that will greatly enhance the appearance of clothing in Skyrim.
Better Dynamic Snow Drastically improves the snow texture that can be quite bland and ugly.
Terrain Bump By increase the quality and detail of the landscape, this mod creates more enhanced, and 3D-looking ground terrain throughout Skyrim.
Finer Dust While not a huge change, this mod produces finer dust that falls gently in such places as caves and forts.
Better Rocks and Mountains – UV Tweak This mod tweaks the UV maps of each rock model so they use more of the texture in the landscape of Skyrim.
Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack This mod replaces the vanilla textures for the animal in Skyrim with higher resolution versions.
Realistic Smoke and Embers High detailed, and new textures are added by this mod for smoke and embers.
Intricate Spider Webs Textures that increase web and cobweb detail.
HD Banners – Unique Textures this mod increases the textures for all banners that are available in Skyrim. The banners for each city have a unique texture, pattern, and material.
Improved Dragon Texture This mod tweaks the dragon textures to improve the visibility of the scales and plates of the dragons.
Landscape Texture Pack WIP Re-textures most of the Skyrim landscape with high-resolution textrres. Most of the textures are brand new with a few re-used from other texture packs.
TreesHD_Skyrim_Variation This mod enhances the detail of the tree trunks that brings up details in the bark.
Real Rain Retextures the rain to make it more random and better looking.
Visible Windows Re-textures window glass, frames, railings and detailings with better textures.


Mod Description
Imps More Complex Needs A mod that realistically simulates hunger, thirst, and sleep for the character. This mod will assign real world nutrition information to all foods in the game, which provides each food item with its own strengths and weaknesses.
Frostfall – Hypothermia Camping Survival This mod uses a sophisticated system that tracks your character’s location, weather, time of day, clothing being worn, and more, and determines your character’s current condition.
Hypothermia This configurable mod provides core body temperature for the player that determines how the temperature will affect the player.
Camping Adds camping gear to general goods stores. Gear includes a tent, an Imperial tent, a tinderbox, a cooking pot, and a pestle and mortar. Camping gear can also be crafted.
Dovahkiin Relaxes Too Allows your character to perform relaxing and other actions.
Light Up the Night – People Have Torches This mod causes NPCs to use torches when it gets dark out.
Wearable Lanterns This mod adds a craftable, and wearable travel lantern that can be hooked onto your character’s belt, or carried in their hand.
Inconsequential NPCs This mod adds more NPCs to Skyrim in an unintrusive way that will allow them to blend into the land of Skyrim.
Immersive Settlements This mod adds more life to Skyrim by expanding the villages, towns, and cities to include more houses and NPCs.
Wet and Cold Adds dynamic wet and cold effects.

Armor and Clothing

Mod Description
Immersive Armors This mod adds a greater selection of balanced armor sets to Skyrim without breaking the natural feel of the game.
Immersive Armors for NPCs This mods uses some of the armors found in the Immersive Armors mod on the NPCs in Skyrim.
Cloaks of Skyrim Adds almost 100 styles of cloaks to Skyrim via crafting, leveled lists and static loot. Each cloak is lore-friendly and compatible with both Frostfall and Hypothermia mods. If you use either of the two previous mods, I suggest you download this one as well.
Nordic Ranger Outfit This mod adds a new leather armor set to Skyrim. I find this set of armor to be great for thieves.
Winter Is Coming – Cloaks This mod adds lore-friendly items into the game through the use of level lists and crafting, which addss diversity to the game.


Mod Description
Revamped Exterior Fog Thins out the distance fog that provides better views and better blending with the skyline. This mod also moves the fog farther from the player making immediate surroundings more clearer.
Lush Trees and Grass This mod adds more lush grass and trees to the landscape of Skyrim, making the landscape much more dense.
Skyrim Flora Overhaul This mod enhances the landscape of Skyrim by varying the types of flora that is available on the landscape.
Skyrim Bigger Trees This mod greatly increases the size of the trees in Skyrim so they don’t look so small.
ReAL Sun – insane0h Realistic Sunglare This mod simply makes the sun appear more realistic.
Splash of Rain This mod shows rain splashes on uncovered surfaces as well as providing ambient rain sound effects to interior locations.

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