Chapter 2 – The Traveler

Across the road was a install with a lady sweeping behind the stall. She briefly smiled at Avingard and went back to her work.

“Excuse me,” Avingard said as he interrupted her work. She seemed a little annoyed at Avingard. “I’m Avingard, and I just arrived in Whiterun.”

“I’m Carlotta,” she replied quickly. “Life’s hard enough without all these men propositioning me, but that bard is the worst.”

Avingard throught back about just a few moments ago when Jon Battle-Born talked about the local bard Mikael. “Someone giving you trouble?” Avingard asked.

“That bard Mikael is begging for a dagger up against his throat,” Carlotta began. “I heard him boasting at the Bannered Mare saying he’ll ‘conquer me as a true Nord conquers any harsh beast.’ Hmph.”

What if I talk to Mikael?” Avingard asked hoping to help diffuse the situation with Mikael.

If you want to try go right ahead,” Carlotta agreed. “I don’t think anything will get through that thick skill of his, though.”

With that, Avingard headed to the Bannered Mare, which was located right next to the market. Avingard walked up to the door and opened it.

The Bannered Mare was dominated by a large room, with a bar to the right and a large fire in the middle. Several benches were placed around the fire to warm up anyone coming in from the cold. To the left was a doorway that led to a smaller room. A staircase went to the second floor, which was located at the back of the in at the opposite end oas the door.

The Bannered Mare
The Bannered Mare.

“Come on in. We got warm food, warm drinks, and warm bed,” a lady behind the bar greeted Avingard.

“I’m looking for Mikael,” Avingard said as he looked about the room.

“I’m here,” called out a fairly well dressed gentlemen holding a large instrument as he walked out from behind a pillar near the fire. “What can I do for you?”

“I have an issue I need to speak with you about,” Avingard started to say, before being cut off by Mikael.

If it’s a lady you’re looking for, you best look elsewhere. Once Mikael gets them, they’re got,” Mikael gloated.

Avingard was taken back by the ego of Mikael, before saying “You need to leave Carlotta alone.”

Calotta put you to this, didn’t she?” Mikael asked seeming rather disturbed. “I’m sorry, but that fiery widow is mine. She just doesn’t know it yet.”

“She’s not yours,” Avingard retorted. “Stop this nonsense.”

“What did you just say?” Mikael replied seeming to become very annoyed at Avingard. “All I heard was the sound of jealousy.”

“Leave her alone, or else,” Avingard replied as his temper started to rise.

“I don’t have to take that from you,” Mikael answered as he dropped his instrument and put up his fists.

Avingard quickly displayed his fists in anticipation for a fight. Mikael swung his right hand, hitting Avingard in the arm. Retaliating, Avingard swung his right arm, and struck Mikael in the head. The bard stumbled back from the impact of the blow. Before Mikael could recover, Avingard sprung forward with a left hook, knocking Mikael in the opposite direction.

Avingard Brawling with Mikael
Avingard brawling with Mikael.

Avingard continued the assault with a few more punches to the bard’s shoulder and head, eventually knocking Mikael to the ground. After only a few minutes of brawling, Mikael had had enough.

“You know how to throw a punch,” Mikael said trying to get to his feet. “I’ll give you that.”

“You leave Carlotta alone, or this gets worse,” warned Avingard.

“You win, on my honor, Carlotta won’t have to worry about me ever again,” Mikael agreed.

Mikael eventually rose to his feet and picked up his instrument, and began to try and play music. With that, Avingard turned and walked out the door to tell Carlotta.

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