Skyrim Factions Leave Much to Be Desired

Snowy Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls games are known for their open-ended style of gameplay, where a player can join many different factions. Unfortunately, I feel that the factions within Skyrim are not as well done as I wish they could be, and this post outlines some of my reasons why I think this way.

RolePlaying in Skyrim

Kilkreath Ruins From the Road

Roleplaying in Skyrim can be as complex as you would like. There are a few “rules” that many roleplayers use to enhance their immersion in the game, and provide a level of difficulty that isn’t found in the vanilla version. Here are several ideas to think about if you wish to roleplay in Skyrim.

How I Choose My Skyrim Mods


I have always modded the Elder Scrolls game since I first started playing the series with Morrowind. With Skyrim I have tried to install mods that meet specific requirements to ensure I am always immersed in the story from the beginning. There are several factors I use before installing a mod, and I explain those factors in this post.